Wednesday, August 4, 2010

134 eggs

Turtle Nest on the Beach Today

Still here....

Yes, I know it's been 2 months since I've posted anything.  We are out of our usual routine.  With Rick home all the time, everyday feels like Saturday.  Still no job.  It's been 5 months since he lost his job and we're still looking.  Lots and lots of job.  But we're trying to be patient, "trying" being the operative word.  I can't even count the number of applications he's put in.  But I remember most of the locations:  North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Illinois, Nebraska, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania, California, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Texas, Minnesota, not to mention some mysterious location in the Middle East.

We just got back from the beach, where we visited with my sister and her family who were visiting from Utah (except a daughter who lives in NC).  Next week we're going to Busch Gardens as a reward for:
1.  having a stressful 5 months
2.  the kids getting their math caught up
3.  because it's fun and we haven't had a vacation yet!

Not much else has been happening.  I got released as the Gospel Doctrine teacher a couple of weeks ago, and am now teaching Valiant 8/9 (Thomas' class).  I taught Gospel Doctrine for 3 years!!  Wow.  Nice to have a different audience for a change, but I will miss it too.  Still teaching Old Testament, which is good since I know the least about that of all the scriptures.  And I LOVE being in Primary because they sing more than any other group at church!!!  And that's my favorite part of church.  Rick is out of the bishopric and in as the Young Men's President, which he enjoys.  It'll be nice since Austin turns 12 in November, and he'll be in there with his dad.

Other than that, we've just been kicking around trying to get a few home projects worked on in case we have to sell the house.  Oh, and I've been working on the usual homeschool summer planning, with the volume turned up quite a bit since I'll have a high schooler now in our homeschool.

I'll have to post pictures later.  Emma wants a smoothie right now and so do I!