Our family follows The Four Year Plan, a rotation schedule developed by an LDS family (their company is called Kindred Learning).  They put a lot of work into dissecting what the public schools were covering.  Then they put it all back together in a plan that made more sense for families.  They also added in Family Home Evening topics, Seminary reading, Scout Merit Badges, etc.  The result is a four year rotation for the History, Science, and English that allows a family to study as many things together as possible while centering learning around the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The kids still do their skill level subjects like Math and Spelling on their own.  But we study together whenever we can.  

Going In Circles, Updated EditionFor the 2011-2012 school year, we are studying:

Ancient History
Foundations in English
Old Testament and Pearl of Great Price
The Arts

Each year varies in how we structure our days and weeks, but we always start with Anchor Time.  This is the start of our day where we pray, read scriptures, sing and play instruments, use sign language to learn key words for scripture memorization, read and memorize poetry, and talk about manners (or some combination of these elements!).  After that, depending on how Henry is doing, we may do our history reading together or break off into individual skill subjects while I float around helping where needed.  At present, we do most of our read aloud and together study time while Henry is napping!