Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Poetry Projects

I am at SVU right now in Buena Vista, Virginia, with Audrey for an LDS homeschool conference.  I will be teaching a class on Friday called "Poetry in Motion".  It's about doing fun poetry projects in your homeschool.  I just thought I'd post the 3 videos I'm using near the end of my presentation, and also pictures of the scrollbox/diorama/peepshow box that Thomas made for me to show in class.

Here's Thomas' box, based on Shel Silverstein's
Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out:

Here's Audrey's slide show.  She shot most of these pictures herself, and I helped her put it together on the computer.

Here is Emma's Stop Motion Movie.  Hers was done with her own drawings, plus some cut outs from a seed catalog.

And lastly, Austin's Lego Stop Motion Movie.  The poem might be hard to hear.  It's Jack Prelutsky's I'm Building a Bridge of Bananas.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Some Garden Pics

These garden pics are a little old but here they are.

The garden boxes, emptyFilled with dirt, and some plants

Okay, not a garden pic, but this kid is just too cute

I love this little statue

Lettuce seedlings

Sunflower seedlings

Sugar Snap Pea seedlings

Teenage chicks waiting to join the grown up chickens in the pasture

I just love my Lady Banks Rose vines

...and my Virginia Creeper (it's the closest thing to an ivy covered cottage that I'll get)

Lucky, trying to get a taste

Catching Up: Easter

Here are some photos from Easter Saturday (we like to have the Easter Bunny come on Saturday instead of Sunday).

Austin holds up his Easter swim trunks

The Easter Bunny brought Henry some Henry-sized bananas!

Thomas puts together his train

Hunting for eggs in the backyard

Smashing confetti-filled eggs on heads

Henry got more than his fair share

Dad's not immune!

Henry models his Easter swim ensemble