Saturday, June 5, 2010

Garden Update

I just noticed that the last garden entry is pretty old and pretty empty.  We've been harvesting chives, rosemary, and lettuce so far.  There are some green grape and cherry tomatoes growing.  But no major harvesting yet.  Here are some pics from today.

These will be in our salad tomorrow night for dinner!
Pineapple sage:  I think I'll try this in pound cake today.  It's very mild and has a sweet, pineapple scent.  I read online that you can line your pan with the leaves, then pour in the pound cake batter, and bake.
Rosemary:  We've made this into herb butter, spread it on homemade bread, and broiled it in the oven.  Yum!  There are basil volunteers at the bottom.  I don't know where that robin's egg came from under the rosemary.

Here's something almost ready to harvest.  An Eight Ball summer squash.

Lettuces:  Rouge d'hiver and Grand Rapids.  I like the Rouge better; it's sweeter.

Emma's Sweet Alyssum flowers, grown from seed.

Sweet Potato, Beauregard

And here's the garden.....