Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Catching Up: November and December 2010

Okay.....starting off with just some random, fun pics and progressing on to other things.  Ready?  Here we go.

Just cute, people.  I mean, come on.

I don't know what it is with all my kids and "shirt-wigs".  But it's dang cute.

Here's Rick opening his very cool shirt from Think Geek.  Get it?  If you know Rick, you know he loves bacon.  So this is a bacon shirt where bacon is spelled out with elements from the periodic table....Ba Co N....get it?  Cuz see the Ba is know what, if I have to explain it you're not geeky enough to get it.  Moving on.

The week of Thanksgiving we decided to go stay in a cabin at Hanging Rock State Park.  We had a GREAT time, and can't wait to go back.

Ahhhh....reliving Girls' Camp days.....bacon and eggs on Buddy Burners.

No trip to the mountains is complete without a hike.


Hey, wait!  They're hugging, sort of....I have witnesses!!!

...and you gotta have s'mores.

...and oversized BYU sweatshirts, apparently

....and a cute toddler taking a bath in the kitchen sink.

Hmmm.....I take it Henry didn't like me sharing that last shot.  TOO BAD!!!  HA!!

Thanksgiving Spread in Mocksville

Emma is excited!

Okay, this is Orrin, my grand-nephew who is an absolute CUTIE-PATOOTIE!!!!!!  
Seriously, I could eat him up.

Austin and I took a post stuff-yourself, er, dinner walk on Anna and Mike's property.

December.....making Cookie Trains with friends

Austin turned 12 in November.  Here's him in his first suit, all ready for church.  His actual party had to wait until December.  He had it at Bladez on Ice and requested a Zelda cake (video game).  
It was kind of a Zelda-ish-esque-like village.

Christmas Eve at Papa's and Nana's

I have no idea how long she had her sweater opened before Amy screamed and pointed out the BABY SHIRT!!!!!!!  AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Audrey models her new Christmas Eve jammies, one of our Christmas traditions (the jammies, not the modeling).

Christmas morning....Henry likes his tent!!
.....and his Jeep (well, technically we've had the Jeep for a long time, but he got the battery for Christmas).

Austin got a tent for Christmas.  We let the boys sleep in it on Christmas Day night.....Lucky likes it!

New Year's Eve
Check out all that food!

Thomas, looking so dapper.

A Finlayson favorite:  Chopped at home!!

Look at these focused, so determined.  Audrey assembling a napoleon and Rick making a blackberry, cotton candy reduction.  That's right people...I said REDUCTION!!! 
 (Yes, we are Chopped geeks.  We are geeks in so, so many ways.)

Time's up!!

Chopped judges

Uh, she's petite and cute, but this judge is WAY harsh!!!!

This was a Chopped night from sometime (don't remember when) between Emma and Thomas.

Okay, folks.  All caught up.  Well, for 2010 anyway.  I'll work on 2011 soon.  Don't pressure me.