Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Is it May yet?

I guess since our summer was not a "real" summer (meaning, we had very little down time) I don't really feel like I got a break.  So after only one month of this school year, I'm ready for summer!!!!  Scary.  Not that I don't love homeschooling; it's just that I'm kind worn out already.  We did add some tennis and swimming and that is taking up 2 hours every day, Monday through Thursday.  But I'm finding that I just want to work outside, sew, craft, and read!!!  I guess I could and call it school if I was an unschooler.  Oh well.

It's probably the oncoming fall season that is making me feel this way too.  I love mild weather and whenever it starts to cool off a bit I start getting Fall Fever (same things happens in the spring....well, that's Spring Fever, but you get  my drift).  I just want to DO stuff all the time.

In the summer, I just want to lay around like a slug and wait for the heat and humidity to be done.  In the winter, I just want to curl up in a blanket or bake all the time.  But spring and fall are my DOing seasons.

I actually toyed with the idea of taking spring and fall off and doing school during the winter and summer.  In a perfect world (meaning, a world that I controlled completely...does that sound like world domination?) I would do it.  But my kids' friends have summer off and that would be hard.

But seriously, I want to play all spring and fall.  And be a hermit all summer and winter.  WHO'S WITH ME???