Sunday, July 31, 2011

My new friend

Hanging out with Henry at an outdoor water fountain during church. This boy walks up and tells me he's seen weeds as big as the rock I'm sitting on. Says his cousin can probably lift me (I like this kid). Then says, "you wanna be friends?". He then spends several minutes telling me about his family. Tells me he's gotta go sit with his family and, turning to leave, says, "I have a trick for making friends. I just used it on you. Just so you know. "

8 yr old Andrew, you just made my Sabbath!

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Blog Name?

Thinking of changing the blog name to Fashion Forward Finlaysons. Yeah. That works.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Emma and Thomas Make a Movie

They've been having a fun time with their camera.  My favorite part is when Emma says, "Have fun dyin!"  You can't hear them very well at times (my kids are horrible mumblers).  But it has its funny moments.  I'll spare you the sequel, which is longer and not as funny as the first.  I guess that's true of most sequels, though.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Catching Up: July 2011 (a few bits and pieces)

Fourth of July weekend.....just messing around at the beach.


Nana, Emma, Rick, the annual July 4th parade at The Point.

And Kika joined the parade this year.
We went to Atlanta for Rick's nephew's wedding.  It was a super quick trip.  No time to visit any family and friends there :(.  But it was fun to be with family.  And the reception was fun and beautiful.  The temple was beautiful too.  My first time in the Atlanta temple.
Our hotel was literally just down the street a block.  I took a walk one morning and snapped this with my phone.

Catching Up: May and June 2011

The annual LDSEHE Homeschool Conference rolled around in May.  I have a couple of pics of the Neptune statue on the boardwalk at Virginia Beach.  The hotel was just past the end of the boardwalk.
Logan and Amy

Me, Logan and Amy

Me, Jennie, Amy, Logan, and Miranda

Rick and I celebrated our 20th Anniversary this year.  Can't believe it's been that long!  We went on a nice, relaxing trip to the Pigeon Forge TN area and stayed in a lovely cabin for a few days.  It was great, and we can't wait to take the kids there sometime soon.
I took this quiet getaway as an opportunity to try to figure out my camera a bit more. 

Our cabin was so secluded in the trees, I didn't have much to take photos of!

The wonderful cabin.

On the back deck.

Wonderworks....such a cool looking building.

Me in front of the "Titanic" the Titanic museum.
Rick's father passed away on Memorial Day.  It was very unexpected and a big shock to us all.  We made a trip to California for the funeral.  It was a beautiful funeral but we were all very emotional.  While we where there, we took the kids to a great park in Cerritos.  I believe it's called Heritage Park and it's on a little island with kid-sized, colonial-style buildings.  Slides and steps and different levels are inside the buildings.
That's Henry in the window.

Henry on the slide.

And then Emma.


Thomas posing for me while I tried out different camera settings.

"I'm flying!" (Thomas)


Love these looks on Emma's and Thomas' faces.

Audrey and Alyse

Emma posing for more camera exploration.

Audrey, Emma, and Alyse

And then, of course, I had to get all artsy-fartsy with the camera.  (Audrey in the background)
Right after, and I mean right after, that trip to California Audrey and I drove up to southern Utah for my nephew's wedding.  My sister asked me to make a cake for the rehearsal dinner.  And I also made the groom's cake at my nephew's request.  It was a busy caking week!
Beach-themed rehearsal dinner cake....a Fedora on one chair and a  bouquet of lilies on the other.

Meaghen and Daniel

Groom's cake....he requested a wakeboarding cake.

My sisters Anna and Amy in front of the house where the receiving line and refreshments were served right after the wedding in the church next door.

Audrey, Aaron (my other nephew and Best Man), and Madison

My brother-in-law Kelley and my sister Bonnie



fartsy....Hey wait!  Where did my daughter learn to be so silly?  That is ridiculous.

See...a nice serious picture...lovely.  Why can't she be more like me?

Uh, never mind.

They whip their hair back and forth!  They whip their hair back and forth!

My parents and my brother-in-law and sister dancing.
And my niece did have the baby!  Here he sweet!

This year was our family's 3rd year participating in the outdoor drama The Promised Land in Bath, NC.  Henry and I have sat out for the last 2 years.  I think I might have to get back into it next year!
Audrey, Madison, and friends singing a beautiful song a capella in the preshow.

Half the cast.

And the other half.

Audrey, Thomas, Austin, and apparently a very tired Emma.

Rick as John Taylor.

Oh my gosh!  I caught up through June!  Sweet Pickles!!!