Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Concerning, Hobbit Cakes

After much discussion and brainstorming, Thomas decided that he wanted a Lord of the Rings theme for his 9th birthday cake. So the wheels started turning. LOTR should be easy. Three stinkin' long movies should provide plenty of cake inspiration right? My brain just kept going to things that were impossible to duplicate in cake. Well, impossible for me.
For example (yes this is really a cake replica of Minas Tirith):

Yeah. So not attempting that.

But then I also wanted something a little more advanced (and not as creepy) as this cake:


So, we settled on a nice, cozy Hobbit Hole cake. After looking at the last scene from Return of the King where Samwise is returning to his hobbit hole I came up with this design:

A close-up of the doors and garden:

Bird's eye view

From the back

He looks pretty pleased with his new home.

Everything you see is fondant or buttercream, and all handmade. It took forever, but it was the most enjoyable forever! I had so much fun decorating this cake. It's definitely my favorite cake so far!


  1. I'm sure your Gaffer is so proud!!

    P.S. You're DEFINITELY hired for my birthday cake. Dave and I were laughing so hard when I told him you found the...uh-hem...cake you found in honor of me. While I'm not quite sure how I'd feel eating that, I would have laughed my guts out! ;)

  2. Wow, Julie, you are awesome at making cakes!! They look so delicious too!! =0)

  3. I just showed Ben your cakes and he said, "She made those all herself? That's incredible. She's really talented!"

  4. That's amazing!! You are so incredible!!