Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Titanic Homeschool Adventures

I have been trying to get these photos on here for, literally, about a week. Blogger does not like me lately. I really should be finishing up my Sunday School lesson, but I've got to get this post off my "to do" list. So here you go:

For one of my co-op days in the month of March, I focused on the Titanic. As the families showed up, they were given "luggage" as they waited on the front porch for "boarding". The luggage contained a couple of clothing items and a boarding pass. Each of the kids, as well as each mom, were assigned the identity of an actual passenger aboard the Titanic representing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class, as well as ship employees.

After watching a short slideshow on the Panama Canal ('cause that was the other topic I wanted to cover for that day) they opened their bags, donned their clothing, and found out who they were. We proceeded to the dining area where guests dined in one of three dining "rooms" by class. Each class partook of a snack which included one food originally on the menus that final night aboard the Titanic.

First class dined on homemade eclairs (original), homemade crackers and cheeseball, apple juice, and hot chocolate. Second class had cheeses, grapes, lemonade, and American ice cream (original). Third class had homemade applesauce, bread (original) and butter, and water.

After they ate their "class" food, I let them have anything they wanted from any menu ('cause them eclairs were dang good!). Then we went back to the living room. After giving them some facts about the events of that fateful night, I called each passenger up one by one and told them their fate. Only about half of them survived. It was an interesting way of relating to the more individual stories of such a large catastrophe.

In the "boarding area"....checking out their boarding passes and wearing their partial costumes.

On of the moms explains the menu to the first class passengers.

Another mom (my sister) serves the second class passengers.

And here is third class.

Emma, second class, enjoying her "American" ice cream

Thomas and Spenser enjoying some homemade applesauce in third class.

Poor third tablecloth, no attentive waiter....

Austin, second class, with American ice cream

Try not to notice that the first class dining room waiter and this first class dining room guest are obviously related!! He got a kick out of demanding more apple juice from his "waiter".

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  1. I have always wanted to homeschool... I know I personally would love have the freedom to utilize so many of my own ideas tailored JUST FOR MY KIDS. I want to show this to my wife... (and that picture of your cub scout cake! she used to bake for their cake sales...)