Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stake Conference Picnic

Our stake center is too small to accommodate the congregation on stake conference Sunday, so we have it in New Bern at the convention center. It's a longer drive, but only by a bit. Besides, the convention center is on the waterfront in New Bern and it's so pretty there on the water. There's a small park and we almost always bring a picnic lunch to have afterward. Today the weather was so fine, we had lots of families all hanging out and eating together. It was a great day. And here's the proof:

Audrey with some of her friends
The gazebo
Yes, Audrey is still our daughter, but she was off somewhere hanging out with some friends. Teens!
Henry enjoying the seagulls

Austin and one of his best buddies

Emma and Rick

Another view of the gazebo
Thomas pushing the stroller

Austin, my friend (who is also buddy's mom), Henry, and buddy

Some of the families all comfortably hanging out under the shade of a tree

Henry had to eat too!

Audrey has entered the please-don't-take-my-picture phase, but she let me take this one

See, I told you he was eating!

Austin pauses for a photo
Many of the families were LDS homeschoolers and it was so nice to be together. It was a great afternoon. But we sure missed Papa and Nana and the Easons being here, as both are gone on trips right now.


  1. This was our 1st stake conference here and we loved it! (We were here for the last one, but Dave was working and I chickened out going with the kids alone...but don't tell anyone, ok? Especially anyone in the bishopric--they may release me!) We loved it, too! We had fun throwing crackers to the ducks and gulls. :) Love the pics.

  2. I didn't see you there! Next time we're going to join together with whoever is interested and do a spread lunch. Sound fun?

  3. Oh I wish I had been there. That would have been fun. It's so nice down there by the Convention Center.

  4. YOU were the ones that made the music cupcakes?! and the shark ones are awesome! I am impressed. I'm glad I found your blog!