Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Henry's First Birthday Party

Henry turned one yesterday, but we had his party today. I can't believe how quickly this birthday has come. He's getting so big....he's not my wittle baby anymore.

Getting nice and messy

Cake in both hands....a man after my own heart

Opening some gifts

And playing with some new toys

Henry is all about pushing buttons, so I'm hoping that these new toys will keep him busy and AWAY FROM OUR PRINTER!!!! He probably would've been just as happy if I had given him that for his birthday instead of toys.


  1. 1- i can't believe Henry is 1
    2- i can't believe you really make such amazing cakes. it was beautiful.
    3- you are not supposed to be going to the ER anymore. i think i mentioned that before.
    4- your hair is really cute.
    5- your new niece is adorable!

  2. Happy First Birthday Henry! He is so cute and the cake is amazing.