Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Adventures in the Mountains!!

Beautiful, beautiful Aspen Grove!  Here are some pics from our latest adventures.
At the campfire show.....score on the free BYU basketball and football!

Aspen Follies....Finlaysons in our bright green family reunion shirts.

Aspen Follies....Lots of families competing.

Aspen Follies.....Melanie in action.

Aspen Follies....Danny, Jake, and Emma poking up through the tarp.

Aspen Follies.....and Thomas too!

Aspen Follies....that is one big beach ball.

Aspen Follies.....the human treadmill.

Aspen Follies....preparing for the next game.

Austin waiting to climb.

Austin climbing the log.

Getting ready for the rock wall.


Almost there.


On the high ropes course (I'm using my zoom lens here).

Doesn't he look so nonchalant? 

CW = Cat Woman.  Okay.

Austin waiting to repel down.

Introducing.....the reason I have no stills of Austin repelling!  Thomas was up next on the climbing tower so I ran over there while Rick taped Austin's repel. 

Emma's turn.

Look at that flexibility.  She did NOT get that from me.

And then suddenly, she climbed horizontally!!!!  What a woman!!  Also, the trees grow horizontally in that particular area.

To the top!

"Hey, I climbed that!"

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  1. Looks so fun and made me remember seeing you guys there. I can't believe it was 3 years ago!