Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

We haven't been posting for a bit because we've just been so busy, plus I'm not quite sure how to upload photos to this new computer yet. Since my last post:

  • we all got colds, with me getting the very worst of it and Rick in at a close 2nd.

  • we went to Mocksville and the NC zoo.

  • Audrey and I went to the LDSEHE homeschool conference at SVU.

  • at the SVU conference Audrey performed in the talent show (video coming soon) and also performed in an opening number for the conference with a pianist and vocalist.

  • we hosted the area welfare specialists for the Church this past Saturday night (after coming back in the wee hours Saturday morning from the SVU trip).

  • we had a fireside at Church Sunday night.

  • I had to go to the hospital for a genetics test blood draw.

  • I had a dentist appointment yesterday.....A+ visit!

  • Audrey had her last flute lesson until fall.

So, since I still have to put on Cub Scout uniform patches this afternoon, make dinner, and get the kids to church, please enjoy this hilarious poster:

And especially for my sister, Anna, who loves these.....enjoy this latest Emma-ism (which occured less than 15 minutes ago):

Emma walks toward me from the kitchen, where Audrey has just finished a Pineapple Upside Down Cake for tonight's YM/YW Luau, and says:

Mom, can I have the last pineapple ring? I'm hungrier than you think.


  1. I had no idea Emma was so funny! She hardly says a word when I'm around. From now on I'll be paying close attention because I don't want to miss any more...