Saturday, June 6, 2009

Jam Session

Over the last few years, jam season has gotten away from me. Sickness, trips, school. Whatever. This year I was determined to get some serious jam done. Our first trip to the strawberry fields yielded TONS of berries. Perfectly ripe. And it only took a few minutes to get 3 full flats.

We ate those berries, knowing that we didn't have time to make jam then but that we would return with a couple of weeks for a jam run. Well, the one week that was dedicated to jam got sabotaged with sickness. I got a horrible cold. This was tragic because it meant the only jam week left was the last week of berries. But we went out to the fields anyway this past week. Such a change from our first visit. Little puny berries. And it took us forever just to pick the two flats pictured, and then they weren't even full.So we had to go straight from the fields to Sam's to get supplemental berries. Sam's also had some great blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries so we picked up some of each with plans to make Triple Berry Jam with Rosemary. Of course, then I had to go to Kroger to get some fresh rosemary (and also some eggs because the stinkin' snake is eating all our chicken eggs!....I HATE buying eggs!).

So above are the ingredients for the Triple Berry Jam. I ended up making 4 kinds of jam:
  • Triple Berry with Rosemary (cooked--strawberry, raspberry, blueberry)
  • Triple Berry with Rosemary (cooked--strawberry, blackberry, blueberry)
  • Triple Berry Freezer Jam (strawberry with the leftover blackberry and blueberry)
  • Regular Strawberry Freezer Jam

So we're set for jam for a are some berry nice extra pictures. They have a few animals at this farm for the kids to see. Here's the peacock....always a hit!

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  1. Yum! I've been drooling over all of these strawberry pictures y'all have been posting (Marcie had some great ones on her blog too). Strawberry season hasn't even started here yet...I'm so ready for fresh berries!