Thursday, November 12, 2009


After sifting through all our costume boxes we finally found enough stuff to make costumes and not have to spend a penny. Anything we didn't have, we made quickly. Austin, Thomas, and Emma chose to be Revolutionary War period characters. Audrey wanted to be a "50's person". She was going for the sock hop look, with the oversized white dress shirt, the rolled up jeans, and the scarf ponytail. Henry got to be the only costume that fit....a lion, without the customary tail, though. I so don't know where that dang tail is.

Here are some pics from the night of the Primary Halloween party:
Give Austin a toy gun and he will point it at somebody. Anybody. Everybody.

Here, Austin is demonstrating the famous colonial "rabbit ears" pose.

Yes, I know, Thomas. I'm not very funny.
Amazing what you can do with a red Sharpie
Emma is wearing her great-grandmother's shawl to complete her ensemble.

So Reilly is a lamb, and Henry is a lion........
......get it, the lamb and the lion? We so planned that in advance (not)

With Spenser, I mean, Indiana Jones

Surrender, Cornwallis!!

Looks kind of like a cowardly lion, doesn't he?

Check out my kilted husband!


  1. Adorable! I am totally impressed by how you put together the darling costumes.

  2. You guys had the coolest costumes of the night! I love things from history!!