Thursday, November 12, 2009

Homeschoolers Wig Out

I love American history, especially the Revolutionary War period. I love the Founding Fathers. So I was thrilled to get to this time period in our history studies. Each of the moms in our co-op specialized in a certain category, and presented each week for four weeks. I had battles/action, my sister Amy had biographies, and our friend Jennie had government. Things are always so busy, I never seem to remember to take photos. But I was able to snap a few from one of the days we met at our house. Jennie brought batting for us to make some quick wigs. (This was from October 15.)

Eating tea cakes and hot chocolate (that served as our tea)

I guess Austin likes wearing a wig since he's giving me a thumbs up sign. Wait, no, oh man....he's shooting at me. Figures.

But this is my favorite. I guess this is what Reilly would have looked like if she was serving in Parliament during the 1700's.

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