Thursday, February 18, 2010


We've gotten two snow "storms" this winter, and that's unusual for us. The pattern is one good snow every 2-3 years. A good snow for us is 4 or 5 inches and we've gotten that in both storms. This first storm was icy snow, but this last one was nice and powdery.

Below: Rick and the kids build a giant snowman while Audrey, Henry and I stay inside and keep warm!

Below: Thomas coming back from feeding the chickens. Them thar chickens gotta eat too.

Below: I love to see our old red barn in the snow.

Below: I love how the snow laid on top of our back garden fence.

Below: Henry liked being outside, but not standing in the snow...not at all!

Below: Austin

Below: Every time we get a good snow, Rick and the kids go and meet families at the overpass for sledding. That's the only place to go for it since it's mostly flat everywhere else.

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