Saturday, April 18, 2009

Talented Musicians

What talented kids we have! Not only does Audrey play the piano and the flute, she is also a well-known nose-recorder sensation!

But seriously, here is a short video of Audrey performing this past week with her tiny Music Academy homeschool band at a local nursing home. The video is a little shaky; Austin was cameraman for a bit while I was tending to Henry. They performed more songs than this, but because I was holding Henry AND being cameraman for those videos, I won't torture you with the earthquake-like motions of those clips! Audrey can play much, much more complicated pieces, but in her band they play pretty simple music. I'll have to post a solo video of her one of these days.

This past week the kids and I have been working on our own little family band. Audrey on flute, Austin on piano, me on guitar, and Emma and Thomas on rhythm instruments with Henry banging on his exer-saucer while making very realistic crying noises. So far we're working on This Land Is Your Land, I Am a Child of God, and Into the West (from Lord of the Rings soundtrack). Maybe if we get pretty good at those, we'll post a video of us performing. Right now, we're just having fun and enjoying playing music together.

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